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A strong name, a rapidly growing company.

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MIGATO has been in the footwear and accessories industry since 1983. Today, we are in a leading position with an extensive retail network of 120 shops and hundreds of wholesale clients around Greece and worldwide. Our continuous development and evolution and the increasing market share, have made us one of the strongest brands in the Greek footwear industry.

For over 30 years, all of us at MIGATO, have been sharing our ideas, concerns and successes, and at the same time enjoying the results of our mutual efforts while seeing our customer preference growing and our company expanding abroad.

Our strategy focuses on the strengthening of the brand and worldwide development, while staying loyal to our beliefs and values.

Since its establishment in Greece, MIGATO has dedicated itself to the fashion of shoes and accessories. By continuously presenting collections that reflect the latest trends while offering competitive pricing, MIGATO has distinguished itself as a leader in the footwear industry.

Season after season, from shoes to bags, and other accessories, MIGATO works endlessly to provide a wide variety of styles to satisfy the fashion demands of its loyal customers. 

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